"Happiness doesn't come from big pieces of great success, but from small advantages hammered out day after day."

- Jim Rohn

This is me

I'm a compliance professional specializing in investment companies and investment advisers with more than 27 years experience.  This experience includes

- 6 years of transfer agency operations and mutual fund accounting 

- 6 years of global internal audit experience, focusing on investment advisory, transfer agency, and mutual fund accounting functions.

- 1 year of experience with an independent accounting firm, providing internal control assessments of custodian banks and mutual fund accounting agents

- 10 years of experience providing investment company compliance for mutual fund complexes in accordance with Rule 38a-1 of the Investment Companies Act of 1940.

- 4 years of experience providing performing investment advisory compliance, 3 of which as Chief Compliance Officer & Head of Operations for a registered investment advisor.

I've also been a Certified Ironman Coach since July 2017, and have coached runners and triathletes with plans that range from Coach to 5k to a full Ironman.  

In my spare time, I practice stand-up comedy and have done some motivational speaking.  


I periodically do a podcast called The BackofThePacker Podcast.  It's all about endurance events, and helping people achieve their goals.  If you have a minute, check out the Itunes icon on this page for a link to it.  

I hope you enjoy!


I also offer free coaching for runners and triathletes. Any distance, from Coach to 5k through to a full Ironman.  I offer training plans and coaching support without charge simply because it makes me really happy to help others absolutely crush their goals.  If you need some guidance with regard to completing a distance event, just drop me a line!  

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